N1010 Power Master
  • Multi function
  • Battery: 12V 17AH,12V 20AH
  • Charging Time: 20-24Hrs (Indwr), 4-6hrs.C/N car
N1023 Test Lead Kit
N2050 Car Light Tester For 6 To 24 Volt
  • To check function of car lights fast and easily.
  • With sharp tip.
  • Brass protection cap and contact terminal.
  • Checking range: 6-24volt.
N2051 Electric Circuit Tester
  • This automotive tester is designed for professional use and suitable for low voltage testing.
  • This unit is ideal for testing automotives, marine, trailer, wiring, batteries, doorbeils and thermostat circuit, 3-48V.
  • 72pcs / 5.5 /6.5 /1.4'
N2052 Electric Circuit Tester
  • Test 6, 12, 24Volt circuit for wire breaks, shorts, fuses, lamps, relays, armatures etc.
  • 75mm Inspection probe set in threaded ferrel and screwed into plastic handle.
  • 120cm 16-Gauge wire with alligator clip.
  • 100pcs/ 12 /13 /1.8'
N2053 Electric Circuit Tester
  • Voltage 6-24 dcv
  • Wire length:4.5mt
  • 8A safety gear inside. The automatic power failure will st when voltage is over the limit.
  • The tool also can test the positive and negative voltage.
  • Tests continuity in switches, relays, diodes & fuses, and wiring harnesses.
  • Polarity test cables and sockets.
  • Find short circuits and bad earths fast.
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