C1303,C1305,and C1306 Jsck Stand
  •      Item                                 name
  •    C1303                 3T JACT STAND(3 TON)
  •    C1305                 5T JACT STAND(5 TON)
  •    C1306                 6T JACT STAND(6 TON)
C1311, C1312,C1315,C1318,C1320,C1324,C1330,C1336,C1346,C1354,C1360,and C1366 Jack Stand
  •       Item                        Name
  •      C1311                 Jack Stand 11"      
  •      C1312                 Jack Stand 12"
  •      C1315                 Jack Stand 15"   
  •      C1318                 Jack Stand 18"  
  •      C1320                 Jack Stand 20"  
  •      C1324                 Jack Stand 24"  
  •      C1330                 Jack Stand 30"  
  •      C1336                 Jack Stand 36"  
  •      C1346                 Jack Stand 46"  
  •      C1354                 Jack Stand 24"  
  •      C1360                 Jack Stand 30"  
  •      C1366                 Jack Stand 36"  
C1390 Under Hoist Stands
  • Light weight, slender design makes handling easily,even in closed quarter.
  • Quick adjusting spin handle with thrust bearing eliminates wear and provides turning with ease under loading.
  • Capacity                            3/4 Ton
  • Height Range(mm)          1400~2056
  • Base Size(mm)                 ø305
C3025 Wheel Dolly
  • Capacity:600 kgs
  • This machine is fit in with high quality request.
  • Long-headled release knob provides convenience for work
  • Heavy duty chain for securing the wheels.
  • Tubular lifting arm allows easy adjusted to fit the middle and large size tires.
  • Rear swivel caster wheels and rigid front wheels provide positive steering and effortless maneuvering.
C3211 Folding Engine Crane 1 TON
  • Fast folding for easy storage and transportation.
  • Heavy duty castors.
  • 8 Tons capacity pump ram access from side.
  • Designed for heavy professional use.
C3212 Folding Engine Industrial Crane 2 Ton
  • Rigid bolted frame crane.
  • Designed for commercial vehicles and heavy plant.
  • Heavy duty wheels and castors,suitable forcontinuous industrial use.
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