K3093 Oil Series Socket kit
  • For removal replacement of oil drain plugs.
  • Consists of :
    Description Qty
    T-Bar with 3/8" Drive 1
    Drain Plug Socket-Hex3/8" 1
    Drain Plug Socket-Hex 8mm 1
    Drain Plug Socket-Hex 9mm 1
    Drain Plug Socket-Hex 10mm 1
    Drain Plug Socket-Hex 12mm 1
    Plastic Case 1
    Drain Plug Socket-Hex 14mm 1
    Drain Plug Socket-Hex 17mm 1
    Drain Plug Socket      8mm 1
    Drain Plug Socket     3/8" 1
    Drain Plug Socket    11mm 1
    Drain Plug Socket    13mm 1
K3141 Oil Drain Repair Kit(64pcs)
K3702 9.5L Hand Operation Fluid??? Extractor
K3101,K3102,K3103,K3104,K3105,K3106,K3107,and K3108 Aluminium Lubricant Washer
Item Size Packing
K3101 10mm 50pcs/bag
K3102 12mm 50pcs/bag
K3103 13mm 50pcs/bag
K3104 14mm 50pcs/bag
K3105 15mm 50pcs/bag
K3106 16mm 50pcs/bag
K3107 18mm 50pcs/bag
K3108 20mm 50pcs/bag
K3100 300pcs Aluminium Lubricant Washers Set
Item K3101 K3102 K3103 K3104
Size 10mm x 30pcs 12mm x 60pcs 13mm x 30pcs 14mm x 60pcs
Item K3105 K3106 K3107 K3108
Size 15mm x 30pcs 16mm x 30pcs 18mm x 30pcs 20mm x 30pcs
K3120 29pcs Lubricant Screws Set
Item K3121 K3122 K3123 K3124
Size M10 x 1.25 M12 x 1.25  M13 X 1.5 M14 x 1.5
  5pcs 5pcs 5pcs 5pcs
Item K3125 K3126 K3127 K3128
Size M15 x 1.5 M16 x 1.5 M18 x 1.5 M20 x 1.5
  5pcs 3pcs 3pcs 3pcs
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